If you have any special requirements for a project or require space-saving equipment for a small lab, we can help you in designing Vibration Isolation Systems, Faraday Cages and Shelving Units to suit your every need.


These are some of the add-ons and custom products that we have on offer:

  • Silent air compressor

  • Castors

  • Faraday Cages

  • Power Strips

  • LED Strips

  • Cable Trays

  • Built-in Table Shelves

  • Open-Front-Frame Table Design

  • Non-Magnetic Steel Breadboards

  • Special Mounting Holes in Breadboards

  • Merged Breadboards

  • L-Shaped and U-Shaped Tables
  • Custom Dimensions

  • Table Height-Extension Blocks







Optical Table Shelf





If you do not see what you are looking for in this list, please contact us with your custom requirements and we will get back to you with possible custom solutions.