Aluminum Optical Breadboard

Aluminium Optical Breadboard

The Aluminium Optical Breadboard is made from high-quality 6061 precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy, which is non-magnetic and has a low weight. It provides good vibration damping with low deflection under working load and its tapped holes ensure stable equipment mounting.







When would the Aluminium Optical Breadboard be the ideal solution?

  • When you need a high-quality but low weight damping platform

  • When you require a low-cost non-magnetic optical breadboard



Please remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and we won’t necessarily charge more for customisation to your requirements.



Contact our friendly MCI staff to request a quote or get more information.


MCI standard sizes for this Breadboard range:

Code Dimensions Thickness Get a Quote
MCI-BBALUM015-010-20 150x100 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM015-015-20 150x150 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-015-20 600x150 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-015-20 900x150 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM020-020-20 200x200 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM030-025-20 300x250 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM030-030-20 300x300 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM045-030-20 450x300 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-030-20 600x300 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-030-20 900x300 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-045-20 600x450 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-060-20 600x600 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-060-20 900x600 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM120-060-20 1200x600 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-090-20 900x900 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM120-090-20 1200x900 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM150-090-20 1500x900 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM100-100-20 1000x1000 mm 20 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM015-010-12 150x100 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM015-015-12 150x150 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-015-12 600x150 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-015-12 900x150 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM020-020-12 200x200 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM030-025-12 300x250 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM030-030-12 300x300 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM045-030-12 450x300 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-030-12 600x300 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-030-12 900x300 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-045-12 600x450 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM060-060-12 600x600 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM090-060-12 900x600 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM120-060-12 1200x600 mm 12 mm Add
MCI-BBALUM100-080-12 1000x800 mm 12 mm Add
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