Portable Bench Top Optical Platform

The Portable Bench Top Optical Platform is ideal for microscopes and small optical equipment, it is light and easy to carry. The rigid platform consists of a high-density honeycomb core structure hard aluminium alloy top with built-in ultra-thin air spring isolators. The air system includes German FESTO products with both manual and auto-inflating modes.



When would MCI’s Portable Bench Top Optical Platform be the ideal solution?

  • When you require a durable, compact and portable optical platform

  • When you can’t compromise on the vibration isolation efficiency

  • If both manual and self-levelling is required

  • If mounting of equipment is not a necessity and a smooth aluminum top is suited to your application

  • With applications that only require small optical equipment



Technical specifications of MCI’s Portable Bench Top Optical Platform:

Inherent frequency

1.5-3.0 vertically and horizontally


Re-leveling accuracy

±0.1 mm


Surface flatness

<0.05 mm/m2

Surface Roughness


Load capacity

≤50 kg or ≤100 kg

Compressed air source

0.2-0.4 MPa



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MCI standard sizes for this Optical Platform:

Code Dimensions Height Load Capacity Get a Quote
MCI-PBTOP06-05 600x500x75 mm 75 mm 50 kgs Add
MCI-PBTOP08-06 800x600x97 mm 97 mm 100 kgs Add
  • Clear

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