High Rigidity Optical Table

The High Rigidity Optical Table provides vibration damping for surface resonance elimination by means of manual leveling. It includes a honeycomb core structure breadboard and a rigid support system that ensures high stability.




When would MCI’s High Rigidity Optical Table be the ideal solution?

  • When you need an affordable and durable optical table with next to no maintenance

  • If you require a high-quality honeycomb core structure breadboard

  • When a manual levelling optical table is suitable to your application

  • With optical applications that do not require high vibration isolation performance

  • In long distance light targeting applications



Please remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and we won’t necessarily charge more for customisation to your requirements.


Contact our friendly MCI staff to request a quote or get more information.



MCI standard sizes for this Optical Table range:

*The standard height of all tables is 800 mm
Code Dimensions Load Capacity (max) Get a Quote
MCI-RIGID06-06 600x600 mm 135 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID09-06 900x600 mm 135 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID10-08 1000x800 mm 200 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID12-08 1200X800 mm 270 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID12-09 1200x900 mm 270 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID15-10 1500x1000 mm 375 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID18-10 1800x1000 mm 450 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID20-10 2000x1000 mm 500 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID12-12 1200x1200 mm 360 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID15-12 1500x1200 mm 450 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID15-15 1500x1500 mm 560 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID18-12 1800x1200 mm 540 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID18-15 1800x1500 mm 675 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID20-12 2000x1200 mm 600 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID20-15 2000x1500 mm 750 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID24-12 2400x1200 mm 720 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID24-15 2400x1500 mm 900 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID30-12 3000x1200 mm 900 kgs Add
MCI-RIGID30-15 3000x1500 mm 1125 kgs Add
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