Optical Table Shelf

MCI’s Optical Table Shelf offers you a high-quality durable and portable overhead storage solution compatible with all Optical Tables, for a more efficiently organised setup.



MCI’s Optical Table Shelf provides:

  • Ergonomic design; ensuring maximum space, utility, and convenience

  • Stability; made from high-quality steel, the sturdy shelves can easily hold equipment of up to 200 kg

  • Portability; with heavy duty castors the shelf can be moved anywhere, anytime

  • Durability; the electrostatic coating provides corrosion-resistance

  • Cable management; the frame and cable racks ensure neat and hidden cabling, whilst cables can be routed away from intricate setups

  • Equipment noise and vibration elimination; as cables and equipment with fans can be isolated from your setup

  • Uninterrupted vibration isolation; because the shelves are free-standing it won’t interfere with your optical table’s isolation performance

  • Customisation; with various accessories as listed below, together with adjustable shelf heights, quantities and dimensions



Technical specifications of MCI’s standard Optical Table Shelf:

Shelf width

600 mm


Shelf height

2020 mm


Electric sockets



Surge protection






Load capacity

200 kg




Dimensions and Custom requirements

Please remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and we won’t necessarily charge more for customisation to your requirements.

We offer a variety of optional accessories for our Optical Table Shelf, such as power strips, LED light strips, cable racks, monitor arms and extra shelves.


For a quote please add the Optical Table Shelf to your quote basket below, and let us know your preferred dimensions as well as any accessory and custom requirements.


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