Pneumatic High Performance Optical Tables


MCI’s High Performance Pneumatic Optical Tables are used for high-precision applications, where optimal isolation efficiency is required together with high resolution positioning. This table comes standard with a honeycomb core structure breadboard to eliminate surface resonance. The isolators, that can carry loads up to 2000kg, isolates vibrations with an innovative pendulum rod structure that forms part of its air spring system. This innovative design is a state-of-the-art patent that ensures even lower inherent frequencies horizontally and better load capacity. The pneumatic system is made by FESTO, Germany. This table requires a compressed air source.



When would MCI’s Pneumatic High Performance Optical Tables be the ideal solution?

  • In applications such as high-precision optical microscopy, optical path testing/measurement, interferometery, spectrometery, and laser scanning

  • With experimental setups that require ultra-high resolution positioning and/or high load capacity

  • When you require automatic self-leveling with high accuracy


What is the functional damping principle?

MCI’s pneumatic platform ranges employ three levels of vibration isolation:

  • The rigid and solid support of the MCI stainless steel optical table frame serves as the first level of damping

  • The high-density honeycomb structure of our precision-engineered optical breadboard isolates surfaces on the breadboard from vibrations, whilst maintaining rigidity and surface flatness

  • The innovative design of the Pneumatic High Performance isolators optimises vibration isolation with its ultra-thin diaphragm spring and pendulum rod structure, resulting in much lower inherent frequency horizontally and much better load capacity



Technical specifications of MCI’s Pneumatic High Performance Optical Tables:

Inherent frequency


1.0-2.0 Hz vertically




1.0-1.5 Hz horisontally 


Vibration isolation efficiency


Vertically 5Hz 86-92 %, 10Hz 90-95 %,




Horisontally 5Hz 84-94 %, 10Hz 92-98 %



Load capacity

50-2500 kg


Re-leveling accuracy

± 0.1 mm





Please remember that we are flexible in terms of dimensions and specifications and we won’t necessarily charge more for customisation to your requirements.



Contact our friendly MCI staff to request a quote or get more information.


MCI’s standard sizes for the Pneumatic High Performance Optical Table range:

*The standard height of all tables is 800 mm
Code Dimensions Load Capacity Add to Quote basket
MCI-PNEUHP15-10 1500x1000 mm 400 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP15-12 1500x1200 mm 450 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP18-09 1800x900 mm 500 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP20-10 2000x1000 mm 600 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP24-12 2400x1200 mm 720 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP30-12 3000x1200 mm 900 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP30-15 3000x1500 mm 1000 kgs Add
MCIPNEUHP35-12 3500x1200 mm 1100 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP35-15 3500x1500 mm 1100 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP40-15 4000x1500 mm 1200 kgs Add
MCI-PNEUHP60-15 6000x1500 mm 2000 kgs Add
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