VCM Hybrid Active/Passive Vibration Isolation System

MCI’s VCM system is a hybrid active-passive vibration isolation system that can be used on any bench top or table. The system includes a honeycomb core breadboard as standard plus two or more voice coil motor modules and a control box. The modules come in lengths of either 400mm or 600mm, each with a load capacity of 150kg. These voice coil motor modules can isolate vibrations in all six degrees of freedom enabling extremely sensitive experiments to be undertaken in almost any environment.



When would MCI’s VCM Vibration Isolation System be the ideal solution?

  • When you require an easy to use system without complicated installation and no maintenance

  • When you require sub-hertz vibration isolation performance in all six degrees of freedom

  • When you require a platform for high-resolution applications such as; interferometry, electron microscopy, and scanning tunnelling microscopy


What is the functional damping principle?

  • Piezoelectric vibration sensors collect and convert dynamic vibration energy into electrical signals

  • The electric signals are then transmitted to the voice coil actuators for effective damping as they provide a counter force to the platform surface of the same magnitude as that of the vibration exerted on it

  • This ensures active vibration isolation from the ground as well as from any moving objects/equipment from your experimental setup over a range of 1-200Hz, but also achieves passive damping from 200Hz upwards



Technical specifications of MCI’s VCM Vibration Isolation System:

Inherent frequency

1-200 Hz actively, 200 Hz passively

Vibration isolation efficiency

90% @ 5Hz, 95% @ 10Hz


Response time

10-20 ms


Load capacity

15-300 kg




 What is included in MCI’s VCM system?

  • Two or three VCM isolator units (single modules, double modules and heavy load modules available in 400mm or 600mm sizes)

  • One control system with power supply

  • One optical breadboard – please specify your dimensional requirements


Please contact us if you would like to receive a quote or more information on the superb isolation efficiency of the VCM Vibration Isolation System.


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